Notably, our properties are exempt from VAT due to falling under tax-exempt categories, as advised by our specialized lawyer.

Investors will be pleased to know that they are significantly exempt from taxes thanks to the CONFOTUR accreditation process. This includes a 15-year property tax exemption and a mere 3% property transfer tax, offering a substantial fiscal advantage.

In the Dominican Republic, rental income tax ranges between 10% and 27%, depending on the property type and income value.

Yes, all required permits for construction have been approved by the Dominican authorities.

In the Dominican Republic, we don't use escrow accounts. Protection comes solely from the Preliminary Sales Agreement, where we establish clear execution phases for subsequent payments.

It's important to note that these costs will be borne by the developer.

2.5 USD per square meter.

A deposit is made based on a Reservation Contract, followed by signing a Preliminary Sales Agreement. We'll facilitate all necessary steps for signing documents in Romania.

The bathroom is equipped and finished. Kitchen appliances are included, excluding furniture.

Passport, ID Card, and KYC Form.

There are no specific provisions; they fall under the Dominican Civil Code and Law No. 358-05 regarding Consumer Protection and Rights.

Residency can only be requested while in the country on a residency visa. Applicants must be in good health, financially stable, and have a clean criminal record. The process currently involves two stages: temporary and permanent residency.
Immediate applications for permanent residency are available for:
• Investors with at least $200,000 in local businesses or financial instruments.
• Retirees with a monthly pension of at least $1,500 (plus $250 for each dependent).
• Applicants with a monthly income of at least $2,000 for five years or more.
• Relatives of Dominicans or foreigners with permanent residency in the Dominican Republic (spouses and children). The application process is essentially the same for both temporary and permanent residency, except for some additional documents required for permanent residency.

Yes, an individual property title will be issued, including the undivided share.

Claudless Real Estate will handle Property Management.

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